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Limitless Gift Card 2018

Limitless Gift Card 2018

This Holiday Season treat your loved one, whether they be family, friend, co-worker, some well deserved relaxation and space to unwind. Take some time yourself with this year’s special too! For every $25 you spend, you get $5 for yourself*!

Purchases can be made online via Venmo, Cash App or as a friend through Paypal.
You can also make you’re purchase at Ado in Clarks Summit or Thaxton Holistic Wellness in West Scranton.


* Gift Cards can be used on any service, including on specials. The freely given, ‘thank you’ Voucher/ Credits received for purchasing a gift card, cannot be used on any 50% off specials or combined with the purchased Gift Card. You can use both the gift card and voucher, but it must be with two separate services.

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Limitless Cash App

Pay via Cash App$Limitless369


Venom Through Paypal


Venmo has recently teamed up with Paypal. Click the link to be directed to Paypal, and then select Venmo or go to the Venmo app and send to @LimitlessVibrations

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