Raindrop and Reiki Benefits and Testimonial

raindrop technique benefits

Raindrop Technique & Reiki with Francesca Montelione

“I came to start a new journey. After working 3 jobs and going to school, stress became so normal I didn’t know how to live without it. I have found the environment to be welcoming, informative and kind. My normal day is full of chaos and frenzy. After a treatment or session here I feel amazingly calm. I love learning to let go of the anxiety. This process is very exciting and rewarding with both immediate and long term benefits. Thank You!!” Laura L.

Benefits or Raindrop Technique:

Balance and Re-align the Energy Centers of the Body : The combination of techniques brings electrical and structural alignment to the body. The essential oil blend of Valor helps the body align and is often referred to as “chiropractor in the bottle



Reduce Stress and Minor Anxiety : Not only can the oils enhance positive emotions such as joy and happiness, but they can also help us release negative emotions that are subconsciously stored on a cellular level. See the section on stress for more information!


Aid the Body’s Natural Response to Irritation and Injury : Thyme and Oregano support the immune, respiratory, nervous, and other body systems*. They are strong antioxidants


Non-Manipulative Technique : No manipulation as in chiropractic is performed. The oils help support the body to come back into harmony by opening energy flow throughout the body


Eases Muscle Discomfort after Exercise : Muscles that are tense and in minor discomfort due to exercise will also benefit. Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Cypress and Peppermint essential oils may reduce tension. See the section on oils for muscles for more information!


Help Detox the Body Systems : The oils that are high in phenols may cleanse cellular receptor sites and enhance cleansing of the body.
• Assists in ridding the body of bacterial and viral causes of spinal misalignment, including scoliosis and kyphosis
• Works on multiple levels providing a physical,mental and emotional cleanse


Emotional Well Being and Release : Essential oils effect the limbic system where emotions are stored in the “brain’s emotional computer


Support Healthy Immune System : Thyme and Oregano essential oils support a healthy immune system


Raindrop Technique assist in bringing the body back into balance by clearing and re-aligning major energy centers. On a purely physical level, Raindrop Technique helps reduce spinal inflammation, creating an inhospitable environment for viruses that hibernate along the spinal column thus assisting in straightening any spinal curvatures. It is not rare for a person to gain a few eights of an inch after a Raindrop Technique session as the spine has been re-aligned and stimulated.