Francesca Montelione - was raised with Homeopathy and herbal remedies, since early childhood she recognized that there is a connection between natural substances and our day to day health. It's not what we do when dis-ease hits, but what we do in those in between moments. As she explored deeper into alternative/ complimentary modalities she found a passion with quantum / energetic therapies to achieve routine wellness. She began with Reiki, being attuned at 19. She continued her search finding Crystal Healing, BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) and Alexander Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy. You can track her on FB at Limitless Vibrations Wellness and Energy Therapy or meet her online at

When Francesca was seven (7) she was blessed with a sister, Lisa Hypatia, who was also born at home (what an experience!), but Lisa is a special girl with down syndrome. Unfortunately, the two holes in her heart were not discovered by the doctor that made a house call when he came to ‘check Lisa out’. At around two (2) years of age Lisa was sentenced to a short life (not exceed her teens) by doctors at that time. It was then, at age nine (9), that Francesca decided the medical community was not were she would put her faith (or body). Francesca is happy to announce that Lisa is 27 and Thriving -- thanks to a persevering Mother and Holistic Health care!

   Growing up in a 'drugless' family and a holistic health household, provided Francesca an excellent opportunity to observe the difference in the level of Health and dis-ease that existed between herself and family members and her school mates and friends.

Having a desire to help others attain good health, Francesca studied nursing at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. The first year gave her a foundation in anatomy and basic physiology but the prospect of immersing herself in a world where toxic drugs were the only answer to sickness was disturbing to say the least.  Discussing an alternative, more bio-compatible path of study with University staff resulted in Francesca's voluntarily leaving the conventional health education field as it's main focus was on mere disease control rather than the restoration and maintenance of vibrant health. 

Energetic wellness is a vast field that Francesca is continually learning about. At nineteen she became Certified as a level 1 Reiki practitioner, began working with Young Living Essential Oils, and gained Certification in Raindrop Therapy. A couple of years later, she became Certified in level 2 Reiki.

As Life would have it, Francesca's mother needed assistance with the Secretarial/Paralegal business she had developed and Francesca was able to sharpen her skills in document preparation involving commercial and administrative matters. The opportunity for Francesca to step back on to the path of healing and wellness came this past August 2012 when she became Certified as a B.E.S.T.* Practitioner. In November of 2013, Francesca became a Certified Crystal Healer through Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy as well as attaining her Mastery Level in Reiki. Francesca completed the year of 2013 with attaining the second level, Elite Diplomate, in Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. Fortunately or not, Life took a challenging turn and as 2014 ended Francesca's mother past away. After some time of healing, Francesca, in 2017, became Certified as a Sound Therapist through the Alexander Method of Sound Healing. In 2018, Francesca is excited to share Quantum Wellness with the NEPA and Southern Tier communities.

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