Six Basic Essentials

Living your BEST with six basic essentials

Following the Six Basic Essentials can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

The choices you make in six essential areas can determine

whether you enjoy a lifestyle that results in permanent good holistic health

or one that can lead to distress, illness, depression … an unbalanced system that leads to disease.


What you Eat should consist of approximately 75% fruits and vegetables and 25% everything else in order to keep your body in a more alkaline state. This helps prevent injury & disease.
What you drink ! As you may already know you should take in about half your body weight in water. Bottom line one should try and steer more towards 100% fruit juice and water rather than stimulants; like coffees and alcohol.

Exercise! Getting 30 minute, full body work out will help your body stay flexible as well as enjoying the tendency for suffering from injuries to be reduced.
How you Rest. Getting a good night sleep is essential to permanent good health. Try and avoid stimulants and heavy metals before you go to sleep.

What you Breathe. If you can smell the air around you it’s probably not healthy. Clean, smoke-free air is essential to permanent good health
What you think. This may be the most important of the six! What you think about you bring about. Be weary to ‘change the channel’, Cancel out your negative thoughts by saying ‘cancel, cancel’ and turn your attention to positive thoughts and goals

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