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Sound Therapy Benefits
May 1, 2018
Sacred Sound Tuning
Ears – Vibrational Effects
May 19, 2018

Below are video testimonial's that Lisa Alexander recently released.

I am one of the first certified practitioners in this Accredited Energy Therapy. I have worked with and do work closely with Lisa to fully learn this therapy as well as to expand this modality in the north eastern part of Pennsylvania.

Give these testimonies of Sound Therapy Benefits videos a peek, you may find something similar to what you are experiencing.

Testimonial on the transformational experiences from my practitioner of the Alexander Method of Vibrational & Sound Therapy™.

Karen’s stomach problems were paralyzing her life, leaving her with constant pain. She found out about Reiki, became a practitioner, but still didn't get to the bottom of her issue – until she experienced Alexander Sound and Energy Therapy™.

After a car accident, Amber’s jaw and arm were in constant pain. After just 2 Alexander Method therapy sessions, she regained full mobility with no discomfort!

Learn why a Reiki Master introduced the Alexander Method of Vibrational & Sound Therapy™ into her practice.

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