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I thought it would be in everyone’s best interest for me to combine these two therapies.

Here’s why:

In B.E.S.T. I learned a lot about the science of the body — I was in lectures given by Chiropractors, if you have ever had conversation with a chiropractor you know you will walk away with a tad more science 411 than you started with. 🙂

In B.E.S.T., I learned about Top Priority Healing, it may make sense: The body has it’s own priority system. You may be looking to have your knee stop aching, but the body is not supporting that because it is taking energy to support other, more crucial, areas. A system that we are not even aware of the necessary operations to survive.

As a B.E.S.T. practitioner, I come from a certain premise that the body is not meant to be Sick or to be Well, but to survive. In effort of survival, your body will march forth, by any means necessary to keep you going, until it peter’s out and can’t and you find yourself ‘toe up’ with dis-ease.

This session is set up to clear and harmonize, balance and get those beneficial chemicals, endogenous opiates, flowing with sound therapy and then ‘fine tune’ with B.E.S.T. to cause optimal release of issues in your tissues that no longer serve you. Some issues will be resolved with the tuning alone and we will go deeper, through muscle testing and the re-wiring your electrical circuitry, that is, your nervous system where you current travels. ;o)





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Here is a 6 week challenge conqueror to improve your health and livelihood — upgrade yourself, by elevating your frequency and increasing your voltage, in 6 weeks:

3 Sessions of Vibrational B.E.S.T., scheduled 2 weeks apart.

For your ‘in-between’ moments, you will also learn and receive:

You will learn the Morter mPower March, an exercise, which helps to improve neurological balance – re-time internal communication – by extending large muscle groups and their joints through a full range of motion. You can do this exercise as part of your regular walk far enough forward with your right outside and you can do it independently. You will get a hand-out to support you with this exercise.

A lava Necklace and Bracelet diffuser

(4) 1ml bottles of Young Living Essential Oil:

Stress Away
Highest Potential

I want in; 6 Wk Challenge


Don’t want the oils?

The oils are an important part, but if you don’t want the oils. Perhaps you have oils of your own? Use code SBEST6 at checkout to save $45

You would still get the diffuser necklace and bracelet. ;o)

I want in; 6 Wk Challenge